4 Reasons Why Retail Businesses Should Move to the Cloud

Learn the benefits of moving to the cloud for your retail business

There are several key benefits of cloud technology in retail. All of them will save you time, money, and energy.

But what is cloud technology? Before it was developed, companies had to invest in external storage for files, print out documents to share with stakeholders, and constantly worry about their hard drives crashing.

“What cloud technology brings to the table is the ability for any organization to enjoy and maximize the benefits of today’s leading technologies without the limitations and constraints of traditional on-premise platforms that require so much time, energy, and investment,” says VJ Africa, managing director of IT Group Inc., Asia in the Philippines and Singapore.

Think of it as a virtual “filing cabinet,” where you can store and share files online. As long as you have a strong and reliable Internet connection, you will be able to run your business wherever you are, from any device connected to the cloud.

Read on to know more about the advantages of using the cloud in your retail business.

Storage and sharing of large files is easy and convenient

Cloud storage software or applications (for example, Dropbox, Microsoft’s OneDrive, and Google Drive) keep your company’s files online—files which you would otherwise have to store in cumbersome external hard drives.

Interior design and furniture company Space Encounters produces high-resolution graphics, space plans, construction details, and furniture designs on a regular basis. These take up a lot of storage data in the company’s computer network. “When a client or an industry partner requests for files, that’s when cloud storage apps come in handy,” says senior interior designer Neil Vincent Escarez. “Our design files are too large to be attached to a conventional email, so we use third-party online storage software—Google Drive and Dropbox. We just upload the files there and share with anyone who needs the files.”

Startups can run as professionally as well-established companies

“Cloud technology is the great enabler,” says Africa. “It allows small organizations to compete with the more established corporations, and large enterprises to be as nimble as startups and SMEs.”

Because cloud technology is managed by a third party, you can devote your time to other operational tasks. You won’t have to worry about backing up your files, keeping documents up-to-date, or setting up firewalls against viruses. Your third-party cloud storage provider does all that for you.

Communications are streamlined (and paperless!)

Inter-office coordination and client communications become easier, way quicker, and more convenient with cloud technology when files can be shared, viewed, and revised entirely online.

“Approvals, communications, and the whole design process becomes more efficient,” relates Escarez. Using the cloud “saves us time and physical effort, and it makes our office paperless.”

Tasks can be done on-demand

“Today’s business environment is highly competitive and constantly dynamic,” says Africa. “No longer is it a question of ‘Who does it better,’ but rather, ‘Who does it better, quicker.’”

Email services, for instance, delivers messages and files to your recipient real-time; you won’t have to wait for office hours to send these. You can track your inventory through any inventory management soft advantages of cloud computing for businessware system—there will no longer be any need for you to go to your physical storeroom.

For instance, there’s the Cloud Point of Sale (POS) offered by Globe myBusiness. Powering on your business, the Cloud POS monitors your sales in real time, efficiently tracks your inventory, prints BIR-accredited receipts, and creates loyalty programs for your customers.

Another product, Google Workspace (previously known as G Suite), gives you business-grade security and control from any device, letting you work on cloud-based Google apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Sheets. Complementing these functions is GoCanvas, which customizes your work forms and digitizes your paperwork, among other tasks.

The advantages of using the cloud in your retail business pay for themselves in the way of convenience, time and money saved, and ease of communications. If you want to explore the advantages of cloud computing for your business, choose a prepaid Internet service that allows you to spend on only what you need. Globe myBusiness Prepaid Internet offers stronger and faster connection with no monthly fee. It’s easy to install and comes with free 10GB valid for seven days. You can also reload through accessible channels. Visit Globe myBusiness for more details.

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