RESTOBYTES: Ways to Prepare Your Restaurant For More Takeouts and Deliveries

Because of COVID, more customers are taking out or getting food delivered. Can you keep up?

In a world where social distancing and staying at home is encouraged due to COVID-19, some industries and businesses are opting to close down during the quarantine period. However, food services are still undoubtedly essential to many Filipinos, which means restaurants are finding ways to continue operations and adapt to current conditions. 

One of the clearest trajectories that we’re seeing in this shift is the rise of takeout and delivery services. Even restaurants that didn’t have these options before are now offering it in order for their businesses to stay up and running. 

So how can restaurateurs optimize and enhance their takeout and delivery services to keep up with the demand? Here are a few ways to do so:

Perhaps one of the simplest ways to get your dishes to the homes of your diners is to partner with one of the several food delivery apps available today. More and more Filipinos are turning to these services to find restaurants that they love and to discover new ones as well. The best part is that these apps handle the riders, so you can focus on preparing your food. 

It goes without saying that because customers are no longer able to visit physical establishments as much as before, the majority of communication with diners relies heavily on text, phone calls, or online messaging. When handling deliveries and takeout orders, ensuring that your staff is accessible to your diners by equipping them with phones that have internet and SMS will make for faster, smoother, and more efficient transactions. 

Without the benefit of physical establishments, social media plays a bigger role in increasing awareness of your restaurant. Posting daily on Facebook, Instagram, or even using SMS blasts will let your customers know that you’re available to deliver their favorite dishes. 

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Take some time to study your menu and look into what packaging will work best with your dishes — will simple paper takeout boxes do, or will you need containers that have separate compartments for sauce? 

Also, try to work together with your staff to find the best way to package your food so it survives the delivery trip and gets to your customers’ homes neatly. 

Because restaurants are operating at a limited capacity, many of them are minimizing their menu choices to dishes that are fit for delivery. Doing this can make sure your kitchen is running efficiently and is not being stretched too thin, and that your customers are receiving their food fresh and on time. 

Everyone is going through major adjustments during the quarantine period and it seems that these changes will be around for a while.  Learning to adapt to the situation by optimizing the way you handle takeouts and deliveries will allow you and your restaurant to ride out and the crisis and stay ahead of the curve. 

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