RESTOBYTES: A Quick Guide to Ways That Restaurants Can Connect With Their Customers

Connect meaningfully with your diners even during this crisis.

These days, with the quarantine keeping us apart, staying connected has become even more essential. Beyond reaching out to friends and families, more and more restaurant owners are discovering the importance of continuously staying in touch with their customers. After all, we’re all part of the same community that’s working together to weather this crisis.

Here are four ways you can communicate and stay connected with your market during the quarantine period.

It’s true what they say about focusing on those who are already listening — keeping them engaged will increase affinity and build their relationship with your brand. Constantly updating your restaurant’s social media accounts will ensure that your presence will still be felt.  Whether you post simple photos of your dishes, featured menu items, or simple community engagement, this can keep your business relevant and top-of-mind. 

Simple, easy, and effective! Keep your customers updated with your offerings and services via SMS. Services like Globe myBusiness’ M360 is an automatic mobile blaster that allows you to reach all your customers personally through just one quick text message. M360 offers several plans and inclusions, so you’re sure to find one that fits your restaurant’s needs. 

Similar to texting a subscriber list, direct mailers allow you to reach your customers in a way that’s still personal yet more effective in packing a message. Via email, you have the freedom to include more visuals, such as your week’s menu or customer reviews. You can also segregate updates into different sections if needed. 

Maintaining the loyalty of your customer base has proven to be more rewarding than converting a handful of new customers — and a lot less costly too. Just because your old restaurant regulars can no longer eat at your physical store doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy their favorite meals when they order from your restaurant. Reach them via customer engagement programs like Rush. Rush builds customer loyalty, increases visits and spending, and even gains insights with their digital solutions.  It also offers flexible integration into your restaurant’s system, creates a customizable reward system, and has built-in marketing tools like SMS, email, or push notifications. 

With the right tools and products, keeping in touch with your market can be done even despite the challenges of quarantine. Don’t let it stop you from making meaningful connections through your business — these days, staying in touch has proven to be more important than ever before.

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