RESTOBYTES: 5 Reasons Why Restaurants Should Stay in Touch With Their Customers

During the quarantine, communicating with your diners is more important than ever.

In the past several weeks, Filipinos have been in quarantine in order to keep COVID at bay. Families were asked to stay at home while public spaces like malls and commercial centers have been closed. The once-bustling cities around the Philippines have become quiet and empty as everyone works together to overcome this virus.

Many restaurateurs may be led to believe that because businesses are operating at a limited capacity, communicating with customers has become less of a priority. However, it’s during this crisis where we’re physically apart that being connected is more important than ever. 

Here are five reasons why you should constantly continue to stay in touch with your customers during this quarantine period.


It may seem like most people have more free time now and are opting to cook more meals at home. In reality, however, plenty of us have become busier than ever with the new work-from-home set up, meaning customers are still relying on buying meals from restaurants. The problem? They don’t know which establishments are open. Communicating with them lets them know that your services are available and ready to support them during this time.


It’s easy to feel alone during this time of crisis and uncertainty. Being physically apart from others can take a toll on our emotional wellbeing, too. Reaching out to your restaurant’s customers and letting them know that we’re all in this together will help build a feeling of solidarity.


Just like everyone else, plenty of restaurants are adjusting to life under quarantine. This may mean different operating hours, a more minimal menu, or even new offerings such as ready-to-cook items or relief efforts. Staying in touch with your customers will keep you on the same page.


With everyone indoors and not being able to see physical shops, it’s easy for customers to forget which restaurants they used to frequent. Staying digitally connected with your target market is now the only way you can stay relevant and top-of-mind. 


With avenues such as social media, digital loyalty programs, and e-commerce, staying in touch with your market only requires commitment. Even SMS has proved to still be an effective way to keep your customers in the loop amidst social media options.  This shows that it doesn’t take much to shape how your customer interacts with and relates to your restaurant — and during this crisis, that can make all the difference. 


Interested to know more about how restaurants can use technology to level up? Contact your Globe myBusiness representative. Schedule a free digital consultation with our solutions experts to learn more, and don’t forget to share the good news with colleagues and friends!

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