Remote Work Setup Made Convenient with Globe and AWS Cloud Solutions

Amazon Workspaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 provide employers and employees better access to work environment and agile systems

With remote and hybrid work setups looking like they are here to stay in the foreseeable future, companies continue to find solutions that ensure increased productivity and guarantee employee empowerment outside office premises.

The Globe Business webinar titled “Future-proofing the IT-BPM Industry: How to Make Remote Work Efficient and Secure” held last June 10, 2021 ticks all of those boxes. Highlighting the value of availing and using Amazon Web Services, Mr. Chan Wai Tong, Head of End User Content at AWS ASEAN, talked about Amazon Workspaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0. He shared how these can reduce or even eliminate the business challenges both employers and employees face in this pandemic.  Both Amazon Workspaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0 fulfill the criteria that the IT-BPM Industry needs today, with features of availability, data availability and accessibility, pay-as-you-go consumption, and data protection controls. 

Let’s take a closer look at these AWS services: 

Amazon Workspaces, a cloud-native persistent desktop virtualization service, enables users to access data, applications, and resources anywhere and anytime from any supported device. It is easy to use and agile, providing companies greater flexibility in the workflow of remote and hybrid workers. Data security is also guaranteed with everything saved in the company’s Virtual Private Cloud.

Amazon AppStream 2.0, on the other hand, contributes to better engagement for companies, staff, and even customers. With its desktop-ready streaming platform consisting of the necessary browsers and apps, users can participate in virtual meetings and events. Employees’ enthusiasm may be boosted, enabling them to complete their tasks and enjoy the work as well.

These two services have built-in functionality, straightforward integration with existing tooling, VPN-less connection, and increased storage space even without IT intervention.

“Remote work or hybrid work setup is here to stay, so there is never [going to] be a better time to embrace cloud-native End User Compute Services from the perspective of engaging your employees or retaining your customers or improving your security posture,” Tong said. “There is just so much that you could accomplish by embracing a different way of working. We are very optimistic about the future, and with the support of AWS and Globe, companies can plan ahead and not just recover, but thrive in the new normal.”

Companies ranging from Small and Mid-size Enterprises (SMEs) to multinational corporations have been innovating their systems using these services. Globe Telecom, for one, uses Amazon Workspaces to facilitate faster, safer, and more convenient payment processes, encouraging other companies to take advantage of the benefits of these solutions.

Availing of the AWS Cloud Solutions is made more convenient with Globe Business. Before migration to the cloud, businesses can make an appointment for an assessment of their infrastructure and workloads. They may connect with a Globe Business representative for any assistance, and enjoy the convenience of multiple payment channels, during their subscription.

“Globe and AWS are partners, so by being with Globe, [companies] can connect themselves to all portfolios that can support working remotely,” Meldon Deniña, ICT Regional Sales Head for South Luzon and Vis-Min, said. “The first thing is connectivity and access, the other is [they] get a simplified billing, similar to the billing for mobile or Internet subscribers. And last, [companies] have someone they can talk to—the Globe Business account managers who are ready to support 24/7, whom [companies] can call or, if invited, visit the offices.”

Making remote and hybrid work more secure and efficient is a top priority today, and companies can maximize their gains with an AWS Cloud subscription through Globe Business. Upon subscription to AWS Cloud Solutions, other than utilizing other helpful AWS services, they can enjoy the efficiency of Amazon Workspaces and Amazon AppStream, allowing them to run their businesses worry-free.

Migrate from on-premises servers to AWS Cloud Solutions until September 30, 2021 to receive  four month’s worth of AWS  credits for free, subject to terms and conditions. Sign up to see if you qualify here

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