Pixel8 and Globe myBusiness’ Partnership: Offering Web Solutions That Help Businesses Adapt to the New Normal

Pixel8’s range of products and services can help businesses streamline their processes and better adapt to the digital space in the new normal.

In this increasingly precarious time due to COVID-19, the digital space has become a lifeline for businesses to regain control over events that are increasingly out of reach. It has allowed them to steer their company in the right direction. However, navigating this space can be tricky without a trained hand to guide you.

Enter Pixel8 Web Solutions & Consultancy, among Globe myBusiness‘ partners offering creative digital solutions. Their services have helped businesses both in the Philippines and abroad take their operations online and give them the tools to keep them running smoothly.

With the Globe Partner Network, a program that fosters an ecosystem of Tech Enablers with SMEs, tech companies like Pixel8 are able to drive and speed up tech adoption. SMEs oftentimes request for help on where to start, and it takes solution-oriented tech leaders like Globe myBusiness and Pixel8 to point them in the right direction.

Equipping Filipino Businesses in the Digital Age

With a staff of just four, Pixel8 has since grown to a team of 25 employees over the last eight years and has seen a number of achievements, including launching a human resource management information system and other services focusing on web, app, and system development offering responsive, secure, and tailor-fit solutions with front and back-end support. They offer branding identity and IT consultancy services that provide expert support, which helps business products and services stand out from the pack. Lastly, Pixel8 also supplies security and connectivity solutions with top-of-the-line hardware clients can purchase.

Pixel8 has become one of the country’s leading providers of IT solutions and support for all types of businesses—from SMEs to major corporations to government offices––that help make them globally competitive. This has allowed it to seize valuable opportunities to develop and open new avenues for visibility and awareness.

Making Strong Alliances to Offer more Help

With its services shifting into necessities as the world becomes more digitized, the company is able to acquire new customers and audiences with this partnership. “The name that Globe lent to Pixel8 helped us acquire new audiences and customers. Because of our partnership, people trusted and gave us an opportunity to provide them services like Globe myBusiness did. This partnership opened an avenue for Pixel8 to help and to be seen,” Pixel8 Founder Mr. Gerald Balona shares.

Like Globe myBusiness, Pixel8 has always been committed to assisting companies in developing according to their potential. Thanks to its team of hardworking and highly skilled employees, it’s been able to do just that. “We here at Pixel8 also believe that bringing customers together is what matters most,” says Balona. “One of Pixel8’s goals is to create an opportunity for small businesses to compete and participate in global economic development.”

With the guiding principle of people being its most important asset, Pixel8 has been able to achieve a number of milestones and quickly grown into a company that has served over 200 companies through over 400 projects with clients worldwide. Past clients include the Department of Public Works and Highways, Philippine Science High School, Casablanca Suites, and Lotus Blu Hotel, among its list of renowned customers.

And with companies all over the world rushing to develop AI technology, Pixel8 sees an opportunity and believes more businesses should consider developing in this area. “It is an investment that will surely make a big impact on business’ core in the long run,” says Balona.

Making Businesses Stronger in the New Normal

Like many enterprises, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected operations. However, this hasn’t dampened their determination. Instead, Pixel8, like Globe myBusiness, has used this time to adapt and become more flexible, as they continue to service their customers with their relevant products.

They’re users of their own product offerings, too, disclosing, “Since we reopened and continued our operation [after MECQ], customers are always asking us if there are available stocks for Globe At Home Prepaid Wifi. Half of us here at Pixel8 [also] use Globe as our primary service provider for calls and messages, and internet access.”

With HR processes taken care of, businesses can prioritize and focus on other areas that may require their attention for recovery, providing much-needed relief and assistance during these trying times.

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If you think your company could benefit from Pixel8’s expertise in web solutions, contact them today for a consultation.

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