In these Industry Examples, APIs Scale your Business Easily & Attract more Customers

Wondering what the benefits are of APIs in different businesses? Better customer connection is just one of them. Learn more about APIs and how it can help your SME here.

As a business owner, you know that staying ahead in the industry is important. If you’re not careful and not willing to innovate, you can easily lose customer connections and get left behind in an increasingly competitive industry where each company is fighting for survival.

To stay on top of your game, you have to be in the know. Once expensive or tedious-to-implement Information & Communication Technology (ICT) solutions for businesses are now readily available to SMEs. Among those solutions is API, or Application Programming Interface, particularly Telco API. We all use APIs in our daily online lives, usually without even realizing it.

API has been around for decades. Now, the capabilities of this increasingly innovative tool are indispensable to forward-thinking businesses. It’s proven to make stronger relationships with demanding customers. Your business, as many others, can greatly benefit from this tech solution. You’ll learn more about the uses of API to different industries below.

But first, what is Telco API anyway?

It’s an interface where one software application communicates with another. It seamlessly connects applications, devices, and systems. Take a look at the most common use of API today: Online Payment Systems and Social Media.

API ensures the security of online payments. A fast and simple way to receive money online is to use the payment gateways’ APIs. PayPal is the simplest example of API that’s integrated to the system.

Telco APIs like with Globe Labs allow you to integrate two or more different systems together and make use of telco attributes like SMS and calls.

How do APIs help businesses? Because customers expect everything in real-time and in a few clicks, business owners need APIs to help their customers access needed information faster and more easily. Research shows that more than 57% of customers stop buying from a company because a competitor provided a better experience. Convenience is the name of the game. With APIs, for example, they can receive instant updates on their order or transaction without having to call a hotline.

So what are the API uses and benefits in business?

If you rely on ICT solutions to run your business, you know how vital it is to have a technology that connects apps and systems like finance, communication, and marketing platforms. Automating communication between these makes work efficient. Even more, Telco API makes connecting with customers seamless. Learn more about APIs and their benefits to different businesses:


Create a bridge from your business to all customer networks with the most popular mode of communication – texting.

Logistics and Retail:

Keep customers informed through notifications from integrating SMS API to your inventory and shipping systems. Automatically send the status of orders from packing, shipping, delivery, receiving, and even returning.


Reservations become smoother as bookings made online are automatically confirmed via text to customers. With the API connecting your reservation software to your website and to your customer’s phone, you won’t miss a booking, or tediously send confirmation messages anymore.


Creating written due date notices will be a thing of the past as customers can receive less intrusive payment reminders through text. This is through the API retrieving payment schedules from your customer data bank software.

Other than that, API is in charge of sending and processing one time pins for protecting e-transactions. Clients applying for loans will also benefit from API that notifies them on their applications’ success or next steps.


Partnering up with RFID, schools increase their credibility and trust with parents by providing them a way to track their kids’ safety. With a tap of their ID, parents get SMS confirmation that their children have arrived in school.

SMS API integrated with a school’s Learning Management System automatically messages parents on their children’s academic reports. At the same time, when linked to the School Management System, parents won’t miss receiving tuition fee payment reminders and updates.


Feedback on calls and agents can now be received in real-time now that customers get automatically-sent questions via text that they can reply to quickly. With that, operational improvements can also happen in real-time.


Form closer relationships with your market by providing an actual voice for them to hear and associate with service.


No more sending billing reminders for accounts that are already paid. That’s one customized payment reminder that Voice API can do for your clients that they’ll appreciate.

Retail and Restaurants:

Automated voice calls for marketing promos is an option to add to your communication strategy made possible by API. This helps capture an audience who prefers voice calls to know more about your brand.


BPO agents can focus on other, more complicated tasks and let the Voice API handle simpler tasks. For example, instead of agents calling per client to remind them of an overdue billing statement, or invite them to try a new product, they can leave that task to the Voice API. They can spend their time to answering complex client concerns that need coordination with multiple departments.

This way, the BPO company doesn’t need to spend on additional headcount just to do the simpler tasks. Reach more customers, in a cost-efficient way, without expanding your workforce.


Build loyalty easily with an interactive rewards program that you can customize.


Integrate Rewards API to any business-to-customer mobile application to offer digital end-to-end solutions that put customer experience at the forefront.

Finance and Retail:

Foster loyal and happy customers by continuously rewarding your customers. Send Globe prepaid load, postpaid credits, or call, text, and surfing promos to customers when they complete a survey or purchase a product or service.


Offer more payment options to your customers through their postpaid bill or even available prepaid load.


Through allowing in-app payments, you secure a sale immediately. Customers can instantly enjoy their purchases as well through real-time exchange of goods.

All these API solutions are available through Globe myBusiness. SMEs can enjoy API products from a team of highly skilled developers without the exorbitant fees. With Globe’s transparent service and its one-stop-shop feature, you can count on them to be your partner to help build better connections with your customers through tech solutions. It’s that simple and easy to have a smooth solution for efficient operations, optimized for better customer connection and satisfaction.

Learn more about how you can apply APIs to your business by scheduling a digital consultation here.

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