Telehealth Today: Improving Patient Care With myBiz Data Plan 1299

Effectively meet your patients’ needs through connectivity that lets you seamlessly communicate and collaborate with your patients.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it more challenging for medical practitioners, and institutions to address healthcare issues.

Apart from the long-time struggle to improve the plight of under-capacitated hospitals in terms of equipment and workforce, healthcare professionals have to be ready for possible threats that unrecognized Covid-19 variants can bring.

They also put their health on the line—with their high risk of exposure to the virus every day.

Likewise, the dwindling number of clinical consultations for non-Covid 19 cases has also limited health care professionals from performing specialized tasks in addressing patients’ needs. This is due to the public’s existing fear of catching the virus in hospitals and clinics and the rise of online health consultation platforms.

This is why institutions should completely embrace and improve their telehealth services. The first step to do so is through empowering your healthcare providers with internet connection that makes virtual care smooth and reliable.

Globe Business makes telehealth highly possible through its myBiz Data Plan 1299. Through this plan’s 25GB power with equal upload and download speeds, bundled with a Huawei Matepad T10, you can let doctors carry out their teleconsultation services, communicate with patients, and collaborate with other healthcare professionals as if they’re conducting these activities face-to-face. Except, they can do these anytime and anywhere.

What can your healthcare providers do with a strong data plan and a handy tablet to conduct their consultations and meetings? Here are just some of the benefits you can expect: 


Telehealth—powered by an internet connection and reliable device—provides medical practitioners a way to interact with patients within the comforts of their own homes, even connect after hours and on weekends.

Moreover, virtual care is an excellent tool for helping patients feel more in charge of their health.


Medical practitioners are out of harm’s way, free from possible coronavirus infections as they treat patients in a virtual environment.

Thorough assessment & support

Doctors can leverage technology to evaluate patients from home. Looking into their environment could give them clues to factors contributing to a condition.

At the same time, medical practitioners can remotely monitor patients post-surgery and supervise and view assisted therapies at home. This way, they can share real-time feedback and recommendations about it.


Telehealth provides medical practitioners with an opportunity to expand their patient base and strengthen relations with existing patients.

They can connect with those who lack time and opportunity to travel long distances to the clinic or even those in rural areas.

Doctors can also give instructions or explain conditions to family members living far away if the patient authorizes them to do so.

Better engagement

Medical practitioners have found an effective way to engage their patients in self-care. They can check in with their patients as necessary and answer questions about medications, treatment plans, and the like.

Consistent interactions will help doctors reinforce patients’ adherence to treatment and prevent unnecessary hospital admissions along the way.

Get ready for the future of healthcare by managing communication challenges. Expand your reach, treat patients, and provide medical documents in a safe and convenient environment by practicing on-the-go telehealth wherever you are.

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