Technology for Humanity: Globe Business’ Digital Solutions Brings Back the Human Touch in Healthcare

With innovative technology caring for your daily systems, your professionals can focus on connecting with patients.

Patient relationship is crucial in the healthcare industry. The past year showed service industries struggling with maintaining customer connections and how they began closing that gap by embracing digitalization. Medical facilities like yours should prioritize patient care by investing in the right technology, equipment, and facilities.

One investment that allows you to focus more on the patient rather than on the grind of daily management is the Hospital Information System (HIS).

Innovate The Way You Care with Hospital Information System

Globe Business’ focus on innovation and customer and employee care lays at the heart of this HIS. Created by HYBrain, this system’s customizable modules allow you to create the ideal plan to cater to your patients’ and employees’ needs based on your hospital’s requirements and current resources.

Build better connections with your patients through this HIS by providing them easier ways to reach out to you. This also builds trust that they can rely on your establishment as you create faster, smoother, and accurate communication flows, from consultation to admission and discharge. Many of these interactions can be done with minimal physical contact, which also communicates how you aim to keep your patients and employees safe.

The HIS manages your healthcare data, automating processes that used to be in the hands of your caretakers. With certain tasks attended to, you and your team can focus on seeking new opportunities, collaborating on ideas, and investing in more means to innovate the way you care. Your facility can allot more time to restoring the human touch, genuine interactions, and trusted connections that have been lost through the pandemic.

Power Up Your HIS With Reliable Connectivity & Data Storage

When digital solutions are allowed to work without interruptions, you meet your employees’ and patients’ needs without a hitch. This is why important systems like the HIS need a stable connection while being accessible.

With Globe Business’ Direct Internet, you meet your connectivity needs with the same upload and download speeds, guaranteed no downtime, and dedicated assistance. Unlike broadband, Direct Internet is not available to residential users and it’s linked straight to the heart of Globe’s network. Because of this, there will be no sharing of bandwidths, and you’ll experience symmetric speeds and no lags.

On the other hand, Globe Business’ Cloud services safely and securely migrate your delicate data on the cloud so you forego the need for physical servers and equipment, giving you convenient access wherever you may be.

Complete digital solutions to future-proof your efficient yet personalized healthcare

With these solutions, your patients will feel valued and cared for through automated personalized appointment booking. Your medical professionals can pull digitized and accessible medical records from a common cloud. Your team can digitally assess labs and assets so you can manage equipment and inventory efficiently. Your accounts people can employ stress-free, paper-free Philhealth claims for both patients and attending physicians. And finally, you can assure your patients a smooth and enjoyable process from consultation to discharge filled with smiles and warm goodbyes.

Globe Business shares your goal of achieving a future in better healthcare. Dedicated teams are here to help address all your concerns, may it be digital or on-premise, support from installation to training, and more.

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