Patients Can Experience Smoother and More Efficient Healthcare Through Google Workspace

Give your patients the best care even when miles apart through efficient teleconsultation

Healthcare is paradoxically one of the most sought after yet considerably avoided service sector in the last two years, as the pandemic taught us to value our health and fear any place where the virus lurks. While many severe, emergency, or Covid-19 related illnesses were brought to hospitals and medical facilities for professional care, numerous routine check-ups are being skipped or delayed at the risk of late diagnosis and future complications.

Some doctors and practitioners have adopted a modern approach to address this issue: telehealth.

The face of telehealth today

Consultations are done via video chat so patients can express their concerns and get updated prescriptions as if face-to-face, sans travel. With this, the risk of virus transmission (and the accompanying paranoia) is reduced without sacrificing the timeliness of check-ups. 

More patients can also be accommodated by switching between calls rather than physical clinics, and with the right tools, setting up appointments is conveniently just one call, text, or online message away. 

However, not all medical facilities are located in areas where this practice is accepted due to high adoption costs,  slow internet connectivity, or general lack of customer trust or knowledge in online transactions. Because of the global pandemic response, online literacy was heightened–we now have an app or online shop for almost anything under the sun, more robust delivery services, and many safe and secure online payment facilities to choose from that are rapidly gaining users.

A connected office through the cloud makes virtual care easy and effective

Since Globe Business recognizes that connectivity is key to supporting the medical industry at its busiest time, they have developed a value-for-money solution that addresses this concern through the Unli Fiber Biz Plan 2499, with a free 1-year subscription to Google Workspace.

Google Workspace is a versatile platform that lets its users collaborate anywhere, anytime through its apps for:

These also come with many other functionalities like website building (Sites), conducting surveys (Forms), and email (Gmail). 

Multiple users can update and access a single file simultaneously from their computers or phones wherever they may be so long as they have an internet connection, but it can also be restricted to authorized personnel only for any confidential documents to ensure data privacy. 

Meanwhile, the Unli Fiber Biz Plan 2499  is the most comprehensive internet plan with equal upload and download speeds, preventing lags for internet browsing, chats, and video calls and ensuring medical records can easily be extracted from the system at the time of need. 

Powering your hospital or healthcare facility with this can speed up processing and queuing, saving time and energy for tired healthcare workers. It’s a transition at first to migrate all physical documents and digitize processes – but it is a worthwhile effort in the long run for convenience and efficiency. 

Try Unli Fiber Biz Plan 2499 with Google Workspace for your business now and contact a Globe Account Manager here.


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