Own Progress Through Collaboration: Innovating Healthcare with Digital Technologies

Learn about Digital Technologies to Innovate your Healthcare Institution

The healthcare industry is currently in the forefront of the nation’s biggest battle and more help is needed in order to lift stress from various pain points in their processes. Globe Business and the Philippine Hospital Association would like to give you a preview on how to better patient experience and leave paper processes in the webinar “Own Progress Through Collaboration: Innovating Healthcare with Digital Technologies.”

Learn more about how digitization can help streamline hospital processes and be part of the transition as we move towards world-class healthcare.

Hear from industry experts:

Atty. Bu Castro, MD, FPSP, Physician – Lawyer – Pathologist, Medico-Legal Consultant

Mr. John Duenas, CEO/Founder, HYBrain

Mr. Marnie Tolosa, Senior Partner, Development Manager, AWS Philippines

Hosted by: 

Mr. Sandro Hermoso

Watch the full recap here:

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