Medical Technology: The future of the Hospital Industry and how to achieve it with Globe Business

Learn how you can achieve the latest medical innovations and advanced medical technology for your hospital with Globe Business

While the Philippines is considered as one of the world’s major exporters of first-rate healthcare professionals, local healthcare systems have more improvements to work on to become at par with its Asian neighbors. Countries like Japan, Singapore, and Hongkong are lauded for their advanced facilities, and it’s mainly because of one aspect – their technology.

Thankfully, with the challenges we have been facing, resourceful and talented Filipinos are making waves in the tech industry in order to help industries like yours pivot and thrive. And with partners like Globe Business looking out for your welfare so we can all rise together as a nation, getting a hold of technological innovations are within your grasp.

HYBrain’s Hospital Information Systems (HIS) available through Globe Business will equip your facility with the right tools and technology so you can give world-class quality care right here in our home country.

Information Technology is Driving Force Behind Successful Patient Care

It’s through technology, primarily real-time data gathering, that has set patient care apart from the rest. As seen in places like South Korea, Vietnam, Japan and Taiwan, use of advanced digital solutions for contact tracing has helped them curb COVID-19 surges in the past. This is from a article, which further states that part of some countries’ failure to conduct proper contact tracing lies in “antiquated technology and underfunded healthcare systems.”

Some of the top Asian medical institutes have benefitted greatly from integrating their systems with robust information technology. Malaysia’s Prince Court Medical Centre has been a consistent chart-topper with its full-fledged electronic medical record system, allowing them to welcome twice as many medical tourists than the US in 2019. Ramkhamhaeng Hospital in Thailand, as another example, was able to meet “100% uptime, always-on operations and the ability to respond rapidly to evolving business needs” since digitally transforming its infrastructure to support its hospital information systems. Because of readily available and well-processed patient data, they’ve improved 24/7 care for both in-house and remote patients.

Don’t Let Your Healthcare Facility Get Left Behind in this Digital Era

Just as patients trust your experts for their health needs, your institution also needs a trusted expert to partner with so you can pivot medical care to the digital era. With Globe Business’ innovative solutions and alliances with industry leaders, we’ll help your institution with your digitalization journey.

Since the Healthcare sector is among the fastest-growing industries locally, it’s part of healthcare professionals’ duties to find ways to drive the progress further, future-proofing processes for seamless and efficient patient care. Digitized modular systems from our HIS will help employees personally focus more on patients without worrying about paperwork backlog. This gives more time for rest, giving way to stress-free caregivers providing better treatments to patients, building more trust to the medical facilities they are a part of.

Our HIS’s integrated systems, the latest in data protection, real-time data gathering intelligence, and always-on assistance also allows your institution to be at par with the rest of the Asian medical institutions making waves with improved healthcare.

Be as guarded and prepared as they are at adapting, and be capable of making sound decisions when working through any unforeseen events that the future may hold.

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