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With the new normal protocols causing a divide between medical professionals and patients within hospital walls, medical industry leaders are now prioritizing digitalization of healthcare systems. As an article by states, “While significant time, cost, and space savings can be achieved by digitizing patient records, the process of doing so can also be fraught with problems — especially at the outset — without careful consideration of the standards required and the issues that may arise.”

With Globe Business Hospital Information Systems, innovative medical technology in collaboration with industry leaders will support your facility through the physical restrictions. Streamline and digitally organize your internal systems and processes while maintaining patient connections. Globe Business is your trusted partner in digitalization as you focus on fostering, improving, and future-proofing a better patient experience.

Streamline the Administrative Process

Establish connection despite the distance with Hospital Information System (HIS)

From the initial appointment booking, detailed forms where patients and physicians can note vital concerns improve the experience for both. This gives way to shorter lead times, appointments followed through, and accurate data gathering. HIS does this for you. It ensures smooth and happy encounters for healthcare providers and customers from admission to discharge.

Experience real-time transaction and tracking with Financial Accounting Management System

Physical paper transactions are now limited and discouraged. However, institutions still rely on heavy paperwork, which is prone to complications and confusion. You need seamless digital systems for handling financials in real-time to keep up with fast-paced demands and the Financial Accounting Management System will help you. 

Manage Your Assets With Ease

Be on top of inventory and budget with Material Management System

Improper inventory tracking can be costly for any establishment, especially in the medical industry. You need Material Management System for real-time consumption reports. This helps maintain budgets and stock tallies for medical emergencies.

Contain and protect more with Infection Prevention and Control

With contagious sicknesses at an all-time high, Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) should be heavily monitored for prevention. With Infection Prevention and Control, have the tools to track, collect, and calculate data on vulnerable patients and be able to give proper priority to the right areas.

Maintain equipment with Fixed Asset Management

It’s difficult to manually inspect and track all assets especially with reduced staff. Use Fixed Asset Management’s intelligent digital system to tag, assess, and monitor job orders for their repair for seamless hands-off management.

Systematize Patient Records

Build a bigger care system for your patients with Clinical Management System

Create a caring and collaborative support system with your partnered clinics and facilities to create more and better options for your patients. Clinical Management System lets you share necessary information through secured channels for quicker and easier endorsements.

Free your patients and employees from stress with Philhealth E-Claims Portal

Inaccurately filed or incorrect claims are not only a headache for hospital finances but also stressful for the patients. With updated policies and deductions straight from Philhealth and system-generated forms, you’ll have a painless and stress-free process for everyone.

Care for Employees & Their Day-to-Day Tasks

Support those running your institution with Human Resource and Information System (HRIS)

Supporting every employee is key to keeping your institution healthy and happy. When employees are on top of their game, it translates to better services to patients. HRIS helps you give them the support they need from its easy patient data entry and turnovers, requests, and payroll management features. Take care of your caretakers so they can give their best to others.

Store more in less space with Electronic Clinical Records

Paper-based records can easily be lost in piles and cabinets. Transfer these files securely in a cloud storage with Electronic Clinical Records. Let trusted departments access data easily while keeping patient information accurate and updated.

Keep testing efficiency with Laboratory Information System

Avoid laboratory backlogs and build up with an easy automated system for requisitions, data entry, recording, and updating machine integration. Don’t let important results get impeded with paperwork.

With all these modules in Globe Business’ Hospital Information System, along with stable and reliable connectivity, you’ll cure your institutions’ operational challenges and complications. This is possible through Globe Business’ partnerships with medical industry leads and experts in technological innovations. Globe Business is here to aid you in your healthcare institute’s internal systems and patient care so your business receives the best future-ready diagnosis and right prescription.

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