Boosting Healthcare Through Technology and Connectivity

Globe Business’ Unli Fiber Plan and Google Workspace subscription can help upgrade your medical facility’s processing system

In our world today, where everything is mobile and on-demand, all the essentials一from groceries to services一have to keep up. On the one hand, it’s an entitlement to instant gratification, but partly, it’s a by-product of the hectic lives we lead today. 

With all the stress brought about by a fast-paced life, we need to be even more careful of our health. However, routine check-ups are tedious and time-consuming, and when you finally have to visit a doctor to treat painful symptoms, it is a dreaded task. 

This is where technology comes in to improve the medical experience. 

What virtual care can do for you 

As the world becomes more internet savvy, business people have figured out how to make all products and services available online. This includes healthcare, which is typically serviced through scheduled video teleconsultations between doctors and their patients. 

The set-up is perfect for routine check-ups, recovery updates, and prescription issuance as they don’t usually require laboratory or imaging tests, freeing up a lot of travel time for both parties who may have otherwise foregone it at the expense of undetected complications that will worsen over time.

 It also reduces hospital foot traffic, lessening the risk of COVID-19 transmission. 

The right connectivity delivers effective and efficient digital patient care

To do this successfully though, medical facilities need a strong and reliable internet connection. 

We’ve developed a plan to answer this need. Globe Business’ Unli Fiber Biz Plan 2499 is speedy, reaching up to 50 Mbps, with equal upload and download speeds, ensuring minimal lags and interruptions. 

For a limited time, it also comes with a free 1-year subscription to Google Workspace, a virtual office platform that promotes collaborative work despite not being physically together. It has:

Updating files is collaborative, allowing multiple users to edit from wherever they may be in the world. On the other hand, documents can also be restricted to authorized personnel only for any confidential documents for data privacy. 

Digitalizing is the future for many industries, especially now that we know how a global pandemic  may disrupt regular activities. The efficiency offered by technology saves time and effort so that your team can focus on healing and saving lives. 

Sign up here to subscribe to Unli Fiber Biz Plan 2499 with a free 1-year Google Workspace license today.

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