Light of the World Christian Academy of Makati innovates with Globe for a Better and Brighter Normal

Light of the World Christian Academy of Makati (CAM) and Globe partners to provide a safe and secure space for learning in the “better normal”.

Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, face-to-face classes are out of the picture for educational institutions. Schools are looking for ways to facilitate and innovate for online learning. This is what the partnership between Light of the World Christian Academy of Makati (CAM) and Globe aims to provide — a safe and secure space for learning in the “better normal”.

Through the partnership, the institution secured Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) licenses incorporated into the school as CAM Virtual Classroom. The program is aligned with the Department of Education’s prescribed most essential learning competency (MELC) for online distance learning (ODL). In addition, the system will help teachers in facilitating classes and tracking the progress of students’ learning. 

“The CAM curriculum paired with Brightspace guarantees that students at our institution will be given an individualized and superior learning experience. The system features assistive technologies, gamification, video-based assessment, and video conferencing which is in line with the instructional delivery of classes through synchronous and asynchronous learning,” share Hiyasmin M. Nadal, Principal of Light of World Christian Academy of Makati and Delza Marces, School Administrator.

Since opening its doors in 2004, Light of the World Christian Academy of Makati (LOTW CAM) is a DepEd recognized integrated school known for its emphasis on Growth Mindset and Christian Leadership, as well as its progressive approach to a 21st-century education. Led by Light of the World Christian Ministries and renowned dermatologist of Dermclinic, President Dr. Vinson B. Pineda, CAM focuses on becoming a leading 21st-century school that produces godly leaders and excellent innovators for the glory of God. CAM is well-known for its Christ-centered education as well as its Singaporean Math curriculum, which is a benchmark of high performing schools around the globe. 

CAM continuously aims to upgrade its facilities and programs to be at the level of international standards and to ensure the maximum learning development of its students. Moreover, the institution emphasizes the need for parent involvement to develop the academic mindset and behavior of children at school and at home. 

Currently, the institution offers educational courses for the following levels: Toddler class and Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High School, and Senior High School. CAM also offers a Special Education Program for children with special needs and accepts international students.

Recreate. The way we learn.

By bridging teachers to information and technology that enable continuous learning, especially during times of crisis, Globe continues to prove itself an invaluable partner in promoting 21st Century Learning and in improving resilience in education.

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