An Easy Guide To Starting a Small & Medium Enterprise in the Philippines

Putting up a business? Here’s everything you need to know to smoothly establish and operate your MSME in the Philippines.

Have everything you need to smoothly establish and operate an MSME in this handy e-book. Find all the tips and how-tos you’ll ever need when it comes to taxes, BIR, and government mandates. Complete with checklists, reminders, and infographics, you’ll never miss an important date or a needed form as you move along with your operations.


  1. How to Register Your MSME Business
  2. Forms You Need for Hiring Employees
  3. Renewal Schedule for Government-Issued Permits and Licenses
  4. Tax Deadlines To Note For Businesses
  5. All About the TRABAHO Bill
  6. Taxation 101 By Taxumo

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