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Your coach for a digital-ready business

‘Shawn’ is the new go-to coach for reliable ICT tools and solutions that will help businesses transform its operations in the digital age. “Solutions from Shawn” produced by Globe Business, is a video series explaining ICT tools in the simplest and most straightforward way. 

Check out these episodes of #SolutionsFromShawn:

Episode 1: #SolutionsFromShawn: How Your Business Can Use APIs (Application Programming Interface)

What are APIs? Which API should you use? How can APIs help make your business operations easier? Shawn from Globe Business has all the answers.

Know which API solution to get for your business?

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Episode 2: #SolutionsFromShawn: How Cloud Payroll Can Solve Your HR Pain Points

What is Cloud Payroll? How can it help improve your HR processes? Shawn from Globe Business has all the answers. 

Ready to make payday easy?

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Episode 3: #SolutionsFromShawn: How to Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats

Ready to level up your cybersecurity and get 360 protection from online attacks? Shawn has all tools that you need!

Ready to protect your business?

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Episode 4: #SolutionsFromShawn: How to Ensure Business Continuity in this Ever-Changing Business Landscape

Challenged with team collaboration, data access, business continuity, and disaster recovery? Whether you’re in the BPO, banking, software, or retail industry, Shawn has all the tools that your business needs!

Want to ensure your company’s business continuity?

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Stay tuned for more videos from #SolutionsFromShawn!

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