Rebuild MSMEs with Globe Business’ BizMO: The Business Makeover Web Series

Globe Business' BizMO: The Business Makeover is the web reality series that bridges industry experts and MSMEs to rebuild their businesses successfully.

A report done by PwC shows that the Philippines lost about USD80 billion in tourism revenue as tourist numbers steadily dropped by 80% during the pandemic. This and the strict safety measures implemented greatly affected the food sector and its Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Within the past year and a half, MSMEs used everything in their power to adapt, fight, and keep their businesses afloat on the sea of store closures. Many endeavours survived with the guidance and services offered by partnering with Globe Business while shifting into the digital new normal.

Now, we seem to face another significant adaptation period as the economy reopens. Businesses, done with surviving, now need to thrive and drive profits up. Globe Business has just the thing to do this with a fun execution.

Staying true to being MSMEs’ partner for recovery and supporting local tourism, BizMO: The Business Makeover was launched on World Tourism Day last September 27. It is a reality makeover video series on Globe Business Academy where businesses can join, apply, and be chosen to share their story, business challenges, and concerns to a panel of seasoned business owners, industry experts, and technology consultants.

The panel of professionals then guides and shows how Globe Business can help each business rise to any challenge. Chosen MSMEs also get a chance to enjoy digital solutions from Globe Business. All without a fee! Learn about Globe Business products and services and see how each can potentially aid your business towards the road to recovery and beyond.  Here is the story of Cookie Dude, one of the shortlisted MSME entries for the first BizMO episode,  to fuel your inspiration.

Bouncing Back into Digital

Cookie Dude is a Las Piñas-based online cookie bakery and cookie commissary specializing in half-baked cookies. Owners Martin Jordana and Alexis Hess left their full-time jobs and baked cookies for their nephew’s baby shower, where they received lots of compliments and praise. 

After three long months of research and development, they opened an online shop. Not long after launching during the holiday rush in 2019, Cookie Dude secured a cafe in SM Southmall as a wholesale client. 

That, combined with the orders that came with the holidays, gave them a strong start. Then came COVID-19, which struck their business hard. They had to close after months of hardship.

This year, Jordana and Hess are hoping to get back on track. With a mindset for digital adaptability, they have made significant efforts and adjustments like launching their website, implementing online payments, and improving their social media processes. They are still figuring out their marketing and advertising with a tight budget and looked towards Globe Business for digital solutions. 

“It has not been as successful as we’d have liked it to be,” says Martin. But he has been hopeful in light of partnerships like with Globe Business, where he can gain mentorship, marketing, and potential rebranding in time for their new stall in SM Southmall next year. 

More Than Just Services and Solutions: A Partner To Guide You

With Globe Business’ support and Globe Business Academy’s power-packed digital platform, they hope to inspire, empower, and support Filipino MSMEs like Cookie Dude to rise together in their Tara, Sabay Tayo campaign. 

Along with recommending digital solutions such as Google Workspace, Globe Business can also introduce Cookie Dude to possible digital advertising tools. One of them is the ABS-CBN DASH. These solutions will help Cookie Dude as they open their stall next year, where they can collaborate and communicate with their team securely and from anywhere using Google Workspace, and reach a wider market with DASH. 

Google Workspace is a cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tool that brings different platforms together like Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Meet, and Chats. ABS-CBN DASH, on the other hand, is a DIY advertising platform. You can choose your ad type, target your audience, upload your creatives, and get featured in different ABS-CBN apps and websites. You only pay for results, so it is a great push for small businesses that need exposure. 

And now, with Globe Business Academy’s latest initiative BizMO, they can gain insights and learnings from fellow MSMEs as BizMO shines a light on heartening stories from the Philippines’ tourism sector. 

More than just tips and tricks from experts, they can acquire real-life experiences from business owners, learning more about each other’s motivations and perseverance despite challenges. BizMO creates a safe space for MSMEs to share their struggles as they get back on the road to business recovery.

Watch out for airing dates of chosen MSMEs on BizMO: The Business Makeover on Globe Business Academy via Globe Business on Facebook

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