Bruno’s Barbers Combines Professional Service with Camaraderie and Care

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Rediscover one of the most prominent barbershops in the country, and find out their secret to success.

In the Philippines, very few barbershops are as well-known as Bruno’s Barbers. More than just cutting and styling hair, Bruno’s provides professional men’s grooming services that make their customers feel like kings. Bruno’s has a commitment to quality that surpasses that of many other hairstylists in the country, and Globe myBusiness commends this enterprise for its many years of success.

But Bruno’s is about more than just creating a household name and making profit. The company has also become like a family, with its community of barbers being as close to the founders as family themselves.

We spoke to Marco Pascual, Vice President for Business Development, to get his take on their business journey so far as well as Globe myBusiness’ impact on their craft.

“The company was founded in 1990 by my mother and her sister Karina. Eight years later, two other sisters joined in, who today are all managing the business. We used to live in Ayala Alabang, and in Ayala Alabang in 1990, […] if you wanted to get a haircut, the closest barbershop would be at the country club. If you weren’t a member there, which we weren’t, […] you had to travel a really long way. So my mom thought of having a barbershop near the village, eventually opening the first shop in Casa Susana.”

Bruno’s Barbers owners together with their staff

“Firstly, our presence in prime locations all over the Philippines. […] We’re strategically located. Secondly, our service offerings are very practical. Our price range is also very reasonable. And of course, you know, [our services that go beyond just haircuts]. Men also like to be pampered, but not too much. So we’re very straight to the point, and it’s very easy for men to understand what we offer.”

“At the end of the day, it’s business—increasing revenues and profit, and the continuous growth of the company. But what’s even more inspiring for us is the fact that our barbers and therapists … the people we now work with, if we didn’t start, they would be working in small barbershops sa kanto, charging thirty to fifty pesos, hindi professionalized yung industry nila. […] It’s nice to see fellow Filipinos who are very skillful going up in life. It’s very inspiring to [empower them and help improve their lives].”

“I was part of the time when we were growing already, so I was there when we started to expand our branch network. As we were expanding, scaling the different facets of the business was a challenge.”

“Greatly. [We make use of their connectivity solutions, and] we’re now more connected. Internet is easily accessible to each and every store whether it’s via Broadband or cellphone. It helps us do remote monitoring of branches through CCTV, among other things. Not only are we able to monitor branch activity from our Head Office, but it also helps us react quickly to operational requirements. Generally, because of the service that Globe provides us, managing our business has become more efficient thanks to the connectivity of our stores to the Head Office.”

Bruno’s Barbers chats with Marco Pascual, Vice President for Business Development

“I think it’s still improved connectivity. There’s always room for Globe in terms of that. We have CCTVs, and we want to make them more stable, more reliable. There are many things we haven’t tapped or explored yet that you can do with the power of the Internet.”

“For me, it really always goes back to connectivity. Before, we used to be very manual. Now we are able to utilize a software where all the stores are connected to our head office. We see client records and history as they come. Our reaction time is quicker now with all the data we get, because it’s live. […] We’ve also removed a lot of documentation because a lot of our processes are now digitized and paperless.”

“It’s very basic—you have to enjoy what you do. That’s it. If you enjoy what you do, you’ll do it really well.”

“I was exposed to a very entrepreneurial family, so everyday was always learning something new in business. Unknowingly, I was prepared for it already. [But the most important piece of learning I got from that was to] enjoy it. That’s it. Anything else, even if you don’t know, you can learn as long as you’re enjoying it. Of course, not everything will be enjoyable, but the core has to be enjoyable so that it can lead to that.”

With the help of Globe myBusiness and the lifelong support of their community-slash-second-family, Bruno’s Barbers has made its way to the top and has no plans of stopping. Their vision for the future includes more branches all over the country and further plans with connectivity that will help not just the business, but their valued customers as well.


Bruno’s Barbers get together for a Father’s Day Surprise

Don’t go just yet! To celebrate Father’s Day with some of the best barbers in the Metro, Globe myBusiness partnered up with Bruno’s Barbers for a Wonderful Surprise that would commemorate a truly special occasion. Make sure to check it out!

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