Blaze Your Biz: Globe myBusiness Academy and Lazada inspires MSMEs to find success in the digital world

With the pandemic forcing businesses to close shops and accelerate digital adoption, MSMEs are experiencing a lot of challenges that really put their businesses to test. To help businesses find success in the digital landscape, Globe myBusiness hosted a digital webinar catering to hundreds of business owners.

In the fast-evolving digital landscape, most businesses are still experimenting with strategies to thrive given overwhelming innovations and possibilities. The goal is not just to adapt to the new normal but also to thrive by using the right tools and strategies.

With this in mind, Globe myBusiness partnered with Lazada for a digital webinar catering to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to catalyze innovation, support entrepreneurs, provide solutions, and educate them on the value of digital solutions for their businesses.

The exclusive Zoom webinar featured speakers from well-known businesses like Globe myBusiness, Lazada, Ellana Cosmetics, Spruce Designer Network, and Samsung. They shared their experiences and expert advice to an audience of 610 people from different MSMEs around the country.

Ellana Cosmetics: Understanding Your Market

The main program commenced with discussing consumer behavior in the next normal, led by Theresa Buenaflor, Founder and Owner of Ellana Cosmetics. She shared how her business adjusted and eventually thrived at a time when their products are considered non-essential.

“The solution is knowing your customers and hearing what they want,” said Buenaflor. She stressed the importance of reaching out to consumers and forming a good relationship with them, citing their strategies like personal calls, studying social and paid insights, and taking necessary steps to deliver what their audience wants. This worked well for their brand and led them to gain higher engagement rates on social media and improve product sales by curating a new product line aligned with their market’s current needs.

Buenaflor also advised small businesses to maximize the free social media tools and platforms to engage with their customers and constantly find opportunities to observe consumer behavior. Taking care of your audience, according to Buenaflor, is a significant factor in saving a business.

Lazada: Shifting to a Digital Business Model

Lazada Philippines’ Chief Operating Officer, Carlos Barrera, followed next with his presentation about building sustainable advantage on a shifting landscape. As the COO of Southeast Asia’s leading e-commerce platform, he pointed out that the e-commerce industry is flourishing now more than ever. The number of online Filipino consumers is growing extremely fast.

As Lazada constantly adapts to the need of its consumers, it also opens opportunities for brands, particularly MSMEs, to transition to e-commerce. He introduced Lazada University, the platform’s initiative to make e-commerce less intimidating to business owners.

Through this learning portal, business owners can access learning materials and even take training courses and certificates to help them grow their business with Lazada. Barrera also encouraged MSMEs to explore a digital business model and invest in digital marketing channels to grow their business further.

Spruce Designer Network: Partnering With Industry Experts

Lastly, Trisha Tamporong of Spruce Designer Network discussed the value of collaborating with other businesses. She shared the story of how her retail company survived the pandemic through brand partnerships.

She partnered with Globe myBusiness which allowed her business to offer digital solutions to customers like cashless transactions and the creation of an online community. According to Tamporong, it is essential to establish relationships with partners that support your values and business needs. She also encouraged the audience to browse the Globe myBusiness page and send a message to learn more on how they can collaborate with other businesses.

Key Takeaway: Let Your Company’s Core Principles Guide Your Innovations

The presentations were followed by a panel discussion with all the speakers and two special guests: Anton Andres, Solutions Manager from Samsung PH, and Michiko Castañeda, Industry Lead of Globe myBusiness.

The speakers emphasized that while adapting to new technology is vital for businesses, staying true to your company’s core principles is just as crucial. Being organic and authentic is a natural selling point, and combining it with smart innovations is one of the keys to thriving in this unpredictable season.

The event concluded with the panelists sharing that business owners can gain recognition by putting their products out there and leveraging the digital opportunities that will make their brand and customers grow.

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