Upgrade Your Tourism Business with Tips from Globe myBusiness Academy’s Lakbay Sessions – Palawan

Last July 6, 2018, Globe myBusiness Academy visited the bustling city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan to talk to its local entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts about creating the perfect destination. As the home of some of the Philippines’ best and most loved tourist spots, there was no better place for the event.

Palawan is widely recognized as one of the Philippines’ top islands to visit at any time of the year. Even during its low season, there are still hundreds of people who come from all over the world. Experiences to be had in places like the Subterranean River, El Nido beaches, and even the city proper are unforgettable and impossible to ignore.

All of these are good reasons why Palawan is also home to hundreds of hotels, restaurants, cafes and other accommodation establishments. This was evident in the audience of Globe myBusiness Academy presents: Lakbay Sessions Palawan, which was populated by owners of various tourism establishments.

Featured speakers in the event were Ms. Lucky Alabado, CEO and Founder of DiscoverMNL; Maica La’o, formerly of Oak Drive Resorts and currently the Marketing Manager of Cloudbeds; and Charles Tan, Segment Marketing Manager for Hotels and Accommodations of Globe myBusiness. These speakers gladly shared their insights on getting to know the culture of today’s travelers, engaging this new market, and enlisting the help of Globe myBusiness to provide what can truly be considered a “perfect destination”.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the most useful tips picked up from the event:

Getting to Know the Millennials and Generation Z

Being a millennial herself, Lucky Alabado had both knowledge and experience when it came to Generation Y, namely the millennials. Being a business owner who regularly caters to multiple generations, she also held more than her fair share of information regarding Generation Z. Here’s a concise breakdown of the contrasts between the two generations:


Generation Z

  • Technologically immersed — prefer or even demand Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile optimization of websites and applications, social media presence
  • Appreciate diversity and have high expectations in work and lifestyle
  • Considered the primary point of contact for the rest of their families when it comes to making travel decisions
  • Very visual and focused on digital content and channels
  • Have shorter attention spans and require bite-sized content
  • Value authenticity and experience over material goods
  • Have a fear of missing out on experiences, especially those they see on social media
  • Considered the primary point of contact for the rest of their families when it comes to making travel decisions
  • Very visual and focused on digital content and channels

Reaching the Market You Want

Lucky established social media as one of the most powerful tools when it comes to communicating with both millennials and Generation Z. To quote her expert tips:

“Social media gets the word out there. It helps you relay what you want to say to your guests and potential clients.” Today, nothing is more effective. A majority if not all of your current and future customers are online, and you can be sure that many of them are on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

“It’s basically free advertising.” Social media is free when it’s organic. This is where good content comes into play. Providing the content that people want is what will get them to spread word about your brand, as well as what will keep them coming back to you. Once you establish yourself as a reliable and useful source of information and help for your customers, you’ve got a sure market that does the word-of-mouth advertising for you.

“Social media goes hand in hand with storytelling. Content should be relevant, relatable and easy to digest. It needs to matter, so that people will talk about it and share it.” The best way to get organic following is to be yourself — your brand should be a reflection of your personality, passion and love for business. Because of that, the best way to create customers is to make friends. Allow your market to recognize your voice and personality through the content you make.

On the other hand, former Business and Operations Manager for Oak Drive Resorts, current Philippines’ Marketing and Travel Manager for Cloudbeds, and travel enthusiast Maica La’o had additional points to say for engaging the market you’re after.

She touched on the traveler’s journey, which, contrary to popular belief, starts before your customer even steps foot inside your establishment. She then gave the following tips:

“You have to be awesome.” There’s a consensus among tourism business experts that you can’t just provide a good experience — you need to shower your guests and customers with something extraordinary. This way, not only will they remember you, but they’ll recommend your brand to others as well.

“You have to deliver on the promises that you [made in advertising and marketing].” As stated earlier, social media is a handy tool to get the word out there about your brand, but it won’t be effective unless you put your money where your mouth is. It won’t do to raise customers’ expectations then disappoint them once they actually arrive at your establishment, so make sure your word is as good as reality.

“The traveler is no longer just sightseeing; he wants to have someone to talk to, go on tours, and learn more. The traveler wants to discover new things that he can’t really discover without your help.” Be the brand that offers more than what’s expected, and your efforts will always be appreciated. Above all, prioritize the customer experience so that tourists get what they want: efficiency, experience and ease.

Having the Right Partner in Your Business Journey

As the event came to a close, Globe myBusiness’ Segment Marketing Manager of Hotels and Accommodations Charles Tan discussed the various solutions offered by Globe myBusiness specifically for tourism enterprises that want to make the most out of technology.

Here’s how Globe’s solutions can benefit you in your business as well:

And there you have it! If you weren’t able to attend Lakbay Sessions Palawan, don’t forget to sign up to Globe myBusiness Academy to know when the next session will be. Don’t worry, we’ll surely be visiting your area soon!

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