Take It From Pinaypreneurs: 5 Lessons on Business and Leadership

Globe Business is a staunch supporter of women taking on leadership and entrepreneurial roles across industries in the Philippines. To celebrate International Women’s Month,  Globe Business partnered with esteemed Filipina entrepreneurs and invited them to talk about how they manage their  businesses and show the way in adopting digital technology as part of a successful business strategy.

In the upcoming virtual event entitled “PinayPreneur: Taking the Digital Lead,” these women leaders will share their insights about running a business and the challenge for women who do so while performing other roles for their families at home. The free webinar will also include a discussion on the digital transformation of women-led businesses through creative and innovative solutions provided by Globe Business.

As we await the chance to hear from these Pinaypreneurs on March 25, get to know the most valuable lessons they have learned in managing and expanding their businesses. 

1. Kim Lato, Owner, Founder, and CEO of Kimstore

“Don’t be afraid to just do it. Women should be a bit more daring.”

Ten years ago, Kim’s  idea of setting up a gadget store on a digital platform seemed like a small idea. Today, KimStore is one of the biggest players of e-commerce in the country.

Kim’s advice for Filipina entrepreneurs with big dreams? “Don’t be afraid to just do it. Women should be a bit more daring. Once you get past the planning stage and enter the doing stage, you eventually begin maximizing what’s available to you, because now there is pressure. And pressure is good. It turns coal into diamonds.”

2. Rica Penalosa, Founder and Owner of Ate Rica’s Bacsilog

“Assert your space. Break stereotypes.”

Rica started out by providing university students with delicious and budget-friendly meals. After more than a decade, Ate Rica’s is poised to take off and open itself to franchise partners.

Rica describes the major hurdles women entrepreneurs face: “The biggest challenge for Pinaypreneurs are the limiting beliefs and mindset that women do not deserve a seat at the table, in boardrooms, and other entrepreneurial spaces.” A way for Pinaypreneurs to be able to overcome this, Rica says, is to “assert your space. Break stereotypes. And break more glass ceilings.”

3. Sheree Gotuaco, CEO and President of Omnimoda International, Inc.

“Stretching yourself is the only way you can grow.”

Sheree started in the fashion industry in the early ‘90s with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. She set up the popular mall brands Ensembles and Freeway. 

For Sheree, creating meaningful connections and relationships is important in business. “Make the effort, even if sometimes you don’t feel like it. Get out of your comfort zone, no matter how uncomfortable it is, because stretching yourself is the only way you can grow,” Sheree says.

4. Yayu Javier, President and COO of Avanza, Inc.

“Consider where your customers are.”

For Yayu, who has created a niche strength in customer relations management and loyalty programs, women should be more creative in finding solutions.

Yayu’s advice is to look closely at customer experience. While technology has made it much easier to communicate with customers, knowing how to interact with them in what Yayu calls a “hybrid of online as well as offline” market spells the difference for women-led businesses.

5. Mylene Abiva, Chairwoman of Women’s Business Council 

“Be tech-savvy.”

Mylene, who gets to work with female entrepreneurs and leaders, believes that it is important to empower women with the skills and resources they need in order to succeed and advance economically. 

According to Mylene, “Women have the intellectual gifts to pursue digital transformation.” With that, being tech-savvy is a core skill that a woman should definitely possess. Knowing how to maximize technology—from using the right digital work tools to deciding when to go offline for some peace and quiet—will prove to be a vital tool for any woman in pursuit of success.

Meet these women leaders and learn more about how Globe Business can be your partner in fulfilling your vision for your  business. Sign up here for “PinayPreneur: Taking the Digital Lead” on March 25, Friday at 3:00 PM  

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