How Strokes by Momoi Supe Discovered the Key to Success through Quality Service

Find out how Momoi Supe and his team of makeup artists took advantage of their expertise and professionalism to achieve success.

Nothing spells success as certainly as good quality. In every industry, intense competition and changing market demands have transformed the business landscape, making it difficult to stay around long enough to be remembered.

It’s no different for the beauty and personal wellness industry, where Strokes by Momoi Supe holds high regard as one of the best studios in the country. Among the many lessons that founder Momoi Supe has learned, one of the most important is that great service reaps great rewards.

Inspired by his travels abroad, Momoi decided to put up his beauty studio back in 2015, with the aim of giving international-level service to his clients.

Today, Strokes by Momoi Supe and Strokes Premier by Momoi Supe serve as prime examples of great service, proving that good quality will always be the foundation of any good business.

It all started with a microblading video posted on social media. The process was both new and fascinating to the Filipino market, and the video made it clear that Momoi was an expert at this technique. It was no surprise that he got several inquiries and requests just minutes after he posted the video on Facebook and Instagram.

Upon discovering that there was a high market for eyebrow shaping, microblading and other permanent makeup procedures, Momoi decided to put up his own premier beauty salon, which  today specializes in 3D eyebrow embroidery, permanent makeup, scalp micropigmentation, laser tattoo removal and yumi lashes, among other services. With a team of experts behind him, Momoi has made a name for himself in the industry and is widely recognized as one of the best.

“I think the business was able to stand out because of our artists,” Momoi says proudly. “Aside from the fact that we are all makeup artists, we were trained by great masters abroad, so we work together as one and everyone has their own strengths. […] We are also very passionate in what we do and we consider our work as an art.”

Having excellent service is just one part of his success. Being able to offer several unique and exclusive services gives customers more reason to come to Strokes on a regular basis as well. Since the artists Momoi hires are experts in these highly specialized fields and services, he can guarantee their skill.

Despite having a brilliant idea and creative force behind it, however, Strokes’ journey wasn’t without its share of challenges. The demand for their many unique and expertly-done makeup procedures was so high that clients would have to wait four to six hours just to be accommodated, with scheduling also being an issue because everything was done manually and on paper. This became a bigger challenge when the number of their clients increased over time, and since they lacked a secure and organized system for storing all their clients’ details, their database couldn’t handle the number of customers coming in.

According to Momoi, he overcame these concerns by, “hiring people because I can not do it all. I set an ample budget and asked for professional help from people who have rich experience in the type of industry that [we] are in, and invested in technology.”

In partnership with Globe myBusiness, Strokes has made use of various apps and solutions to solve their business concerns and ease operations. First of these was installing Fiber Internet connection in their offices, making their data storing and the online bookings made by customers much easier.

Secondly, they utilized the Auto SMS Blast Solution, which allows them to reach all their subscribed customers with ease. This helps them manage the overflowing number of customers they’ve been getting ever since becoming one of the country’s most recognized salons.

As their number of clients continues to grow, they also use the Canvas app to digitize all their customers’ details and bookings, and store everything on the Web in order to have a more organized and hassle-free system. Canvas also allows them to take feedback in a hassle-free and paperless way, cutting costs while boosting efficiency.

Finally, they have also been using the RUSH app, which allows their clients to earn points for every service they avail, and redeem these points anytime they want. This helps Strokes keep their customers’ loyalty, and entice clients to come back.

I want Strokes to be known as a beauty studio that follows high and international standards, that its artists are highly valued for their skills and passion in their craft, and that every client is a work of art, and that of course, both men and women can comfortably and proudly go in and out of our studio.

At present, Strokes is managing itself well with the use of technology to fit the ever-changing market. With regard to their plans for the future, Strokes is “still testing the waters,” and figuring out what exactly the market needs and what they can provide. Momoi and his team plan to venture and eventually expand into other types of beauty services as well.

According to Momoi, “I want Strokes to be known as a beauty studio that follows high and international standards, that its artists are highly valued for their skills and passion in their craft, and that every client is a work of art, and that of course, both men and women can comfortably and proudly go in and out of our studio.”

He also has a few words of advice for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to start or are currently running their own businesses: “Passion, patience, hard work and knowledge are the keys to a successful business. Value your clients, invest in training, invest in technology, and most importantly, invest in people.”

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