Globe myBusiness Launches the Digitization of Iloilo City

On June 28, 2018, Globe myBusiness brought its products and solutions to the heart of the Philippines, Iloilo. In doing this, they brought Iloilo City and its resident business owners into the digital world.

Home to a thriving business landscape, Iloilo City has come a long way in the past few years toward becoming not just a capital for business in the country, but a more digital destination as well. More than your average tourist destination, Iloilo sets itself apart by being a great place for entrepreneurs to start business.

It was no surprise that when Globe myBusiness came to Iloilo, they were received by a crowd of business owners and soon-to-be entrepreneurs who were eager to hear what Globe had to offer. In addition to the ceremonies that made Iloilo’s shift to digital official, the event was also graced by various speakers who enlightened the owners on key parts of running and digitizing their business.

Francis Kong shares key insights into the future of local businesses before a crowd of entrepreneurs at SM City Iloilo last June 28, 2018.

Chief among these speakers was Mr. Francis Kong, who discussed various innovations for business growth and success. Here are some of the top insights we picked up from Francis’ talk:

Other speakers also took to the stage to discuss more tips, while the local government officials of Iloilo proudly shared their insights regarding the city’s booming infrastructure and thriving business landscape.

Lazadas Head of Marketplace Hussain Khalid addresses the crowd on the end-to-end e-commerce experience and how they can find success as an online seller.

According to the officials, Iloilo City was prepared to be an economic hub in the Philippines which wasn’t limited to just the Panay region, or even just to the country. They wanted to open communications between Iloilo and the world, and connectivity was very much a key to making that happen.

Additionally, Iloilo is an education hub as well, with some of the country’s best schools and universities located within the city. With connectivity on their side, then, students are better equipped to become technologically savvy and ready to face a world that grows increasingly more digital each day.

Finally, for the many businesses in Iloilo that have been booming for years, change comes in the form of globalization and the heightened use of technology. This, coupled with Globe’s push for connectivity and digitization, is what the local officials believe will bring Iloilo City right to the top.

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